Frequently Asked Questions
What area does PASSAGE cover?

With the fiber optic network, CAD Coverage, Congestion segments, and Cameras, PASSAGE covers all of Lake County, IL. Lake County is the northeastern most county in Illinois. Lake County is outlined in the map below.

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Lake County, IL
Lake County, IL
How does PASSAGE work?

Real-time camera and traffic signal data is collected and returned to the Transportation Management Center (TMC) through a fiber optic network. TMC operators respond to traffic issues and congestion buildup by adjusting signal timings or conveying messages through 1620 AM and the PASSAGE website.

Why is PASSAGE important?

Congestion has been identified as the number one frustration with our roadway network in Lake County. Effectively addressing congestion means not only adding new lanes to the highway system, but also finding ways to make the roads we have work better. Building and improving roads can be very expensive and take a long time. PASSAGE helps to manage our roadway network by using the resources the TMC can offer.

Is PASSAGE completed?

The PASSAGE network continues to grow with the addition of more fiber optic cable, additional HAR transmission towers and traffic monitoring cameras, and expansion of the current network of linked traffic signals. An important factor in helping PASSAGE grow is the information we receive from the motorists on the roadways.

Can I report an incident to PASSAGE?

PASSAGE encourages you to contact the TMC either by phone at 847.377.7000 or email to report traffic incidents.

Do you record?

Currently PASSAGE does not record any video.

Do you issue tickets?

PASSAGE is not monitored by law enforcement agencies for the purpose of issuing tickets.

Why aren't congestion segments for all the roads in Lake County shown on the PASSAGE map?

Congestion segments are shown for only those roads where the fiber optic network is installed and connected to the PASSAGE network: currently about 165 miles and incorporating approximately 250 traffic signals. The network is being expanded, and as new segments are added, those congestion segments will be displayed on the map.

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