Email Notification

PASSAGE Email notification allows users to get Real-Time traffic information for designated roadways throughout Lake County. Users can create multiple profiles that are each customizable to fit their drive based on region, times, days, and impact level of incidents. When an incident is confirmed by an operator in the Transportation Management Center (TMC), an email will be sent to the users based on what they have signed up for. If the event changes users may receive update emails for the event. Users will also receive cleared emails when the event is cleared.

To sign up for an e-mail notifications account, please click here.

  • Users can create multiple profiles for different travel patterns.
  • Each profile has its own customizable settings.
  • Add additional email addresses.
  • Users can customize notification based on times they drive
  • Add several alert periods for each profile
  • Choose Impact Level based on Event type
  • Incident types include debris, stalls, traffic signal malfunctions, and crashes as well as other roadway related incidents
  • Special Alerts include weather events and Amber Alerts
  • Up to 15 Customizable regions per profile
  • Users can adjust all of the regions to fit their commute
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